Caelan – 7 month photos {30 Oct 17}

Well my family is in town visiting and it just so fell on my nephew’s 7 month birthday…so my sister-in-law asked if I could take a few photos of him.  It was challenging to get him to look at the camera, he was more interested in the grass popping through the crate and the blanket he was sitting on, but once mommy started singing, he came to life!  It was amazing to see him respond with such sweet smiles.  While we were taking photos, my niece was kicking a ball…so I captured a photo of her excitement.  Love these two:) … Continue reading Caelan – 7 month photos {30 Oct 17}



Some of you might have read the title and thought…I have no idea what she’s talking about so keep moving.  Well if you’ve made it this far, stick around.  I promise it won’t be too long.  Your camera is capable of shooting in RAW and JPEG.  Most beginners shoot JPEG, so why would you ever switch to RAW?  Think about it like this…for every image there are millions of bytes of data that are collected by your camera.  If you shoot in RAW your camera keeps all that information and saves it for you to process later.  If you shoot … Continue reading JPEG or RAW

Mentoring Sessions

I am super excited to announce that I will be offering personal mentoring sessions. I believe that photography is a skill that requires a love for photography and a passion for learning. I continue to push myself to improve and learn daily. If you have a DSLR camera and are feeling intimidated to get started or just want to take better photos, I would love to help. If you want to know how to give your photos a little extra pop in post processing, but have no idea where to start editing, let me know. No matter your skill level, … Continue reading Mentoring Sessions

Area Tournament Houston County High School Volleyball {7 Oct 17}

This afternoon Houston County High School played Northside High School, Valdosta High School and Lee County High School for the area championship.  Houston County proudly brought home the BIG TROPHY!!!  HoCo also honored their seniors today.  There are 7 players on the Varisty Team that are also Class of 2018.  I also captured a few images of a dear friend of ours on the Northside Team.  Enjoy! Continue reading Area Tournament Houston County High School Volleyball {7 Oct 17}

Houston County Varsity Championship Matches {3 Oct 17}

Warner Robins, Perry, Veterans, Northside and HoCo played tonight at the Houston County Varsity Championship matches.  I got some team huddle shots of most of the teams, but shot mostly HoCo and Perry.  HoCo played Veterans in the championship match and Veterans High School came out on top.  Enjoy the photos!  These photos are in no specific order. Continue reading Houston County Varsity Championship Matches {3 Oct 17}