2018 365 Photo Challenge {January}

This year I started a 2018 365 Photo Challenge…I was going to blog each day, but I think that would be way too many posts, so I decided to wait until the end of each month and then post for the entire month at once!  So here is my January challenges!!

January 1 – New Years Celebration
We had a bon fire and light painted with sparklers, then headed to downtown Perry to go to the Buzzard Drop.

January 2 – Moon
This photo started with the small moon and then I tried a photoshop action to make it shimmer.  I just got my Mac back up and running and just started edited on my Mac again.  Low and behold, there was a setting wrong in photoshop that was causing issues (I didn’t figure this out until the next day)…so when the action didn’t complete, I got an image, well that I wasn’t too proud of, so I started turning off layers and this larger moon was hiding in the layers.  So I call this a happy accident.  I will never be able to replicate…so I rolled with it.
January 3 – Resolutions
I was going to take a photo to symbolize a resolution, but instead figured I would use my hand lettering to write a neat list and then photograph it.
January 4 – Entry
I went out to the cemetery in Perry to photograph the arch at the Entry simply because I see it a lot and thought it was beautiful, however, when I parked I also found this little entry gate to a section of the cemetery and I thought it photographed better than the arch, so this was my choice for the day.

January 5 – Hot Drink
OK, OK, so I hate coffee.  That is a strong word, but I really cannot stand the taste, not even in desserts…and I love dessert.  But my hubby does love his morning cappuccino, so I photographed his cappuccino brewing.  I am a sucker for action…even if it is only coffee dripping down.

January 6 – Sunrise
This photograph of the sunrise was taken in my backyard.  I love to get the burst affect.
January 7 – Street
I am a sucker for the burst affect (as mentioned above)…so I headed to downtown Perry to photograph the downtown street and lights.  I got a few weird stares for being out with my tripod in the middle of the street, but I’m OK with that.

January 8 – Sunset
I went to Houston Lake to take this photo.  I took 5 photos, layered them and tone mapped it in Photomatix to create this HDR image.
January 9 – Lunch
I ate lunch at McCalls on Commercial Circle in Warner Robins and got a ham and swiss.  Lets just say breaking out my huge camera and positioning my sandwich just right got a few more stares…I guess folks just aren’t used to seeing people take photos on cameras other than cell phones especially of hum drum subjects.  

January 10 – Animal
This is one of our cats, Mintsy.  She is our fat cat, so she puts up less of a fight to sit still and let me photograph her…Our other two cats, are more agile and like to run off when they see me with the camera.
January 11 – Nighttime
So today, I was completely lazy…did not want to go outside.  I don’t have screens on my windows, so I opened it up, set up the tripod and camera and shot blindly in the dark.  This was a 30 second exposure and surprisingly, there was a fog over the lake.  The fog was not apparent to the naked eye, however my camera did catch it.
January 12 – Boots
Once again, crazy looks, for laying on the floor at work and taking a photo of Lt’s boots.  I served in the Air Force and currently work for the Air Force as a civil servant, so I decided Lt’s boots represented me and my world.  I originally photoshopped out the cubicles in the background, but then  left them to tell the story of my work environment.
January 13 – Sky
Another lazy day…once I got home, I did not want to go anywhere, so the sky through the trees was as good as it was going to get.  
January 14 – Self Portrait
Taking a self portrait on your DSLR is more tricky than you would think.  I am a sucker for a good selfie, but when you have to set up the tripod and try to figure out how to get focus to lock on your face, its a little challenging.  This is my first attempt at a self portrait on my camera.  I will try to be more creative next go around.
January 15 – Something you wore today
I love all things feathers and fringe, so I took a photo of the earrings I wore today.
January 16 – Signage
I had a great plan for a sign that I have been passing multiple days, but I had a photo shoot this evening and didn’t make it to the sign before dark, and normally I would just take a long exposure and make it work…it is not in the nicest part of town, so I didn’t feel safe to go there alone at night.  So I resorted to the sign I have at all my entries to remind everyone no shoes allowed in the house.  For anyone that knows me, knows this is near and dear to my heart.
January 17 – Hands
Another day, that I had grand plans for my photo, but is snowed today.  A crazy rare middle Georgia snow, so I wanted to record this part of the day, so I simply took a photo of me holding some snow.
January 18 – Eyes
This is Luna and yes I manage to capture her sitting still.  She is still a kitten so is very curious about the camera.  I was able to quickly get this photo of her eyes.
January 19 – Vintage
This is a photo of my great grandmother’s handkerchief.

January 20 – Perfume
Another grand plan, that I practiced and just couldn’t execute properly, so just a simple photo of one of my favorite scents was all I came up with today.
January 21 – Numbers
Here is a photo from our first volleyball tournament of the season.  This is my daughter’s team getting coached up by my other half (aka coach).

January 22 – Out of focus
Today was the day of the government shutdown.  We reported into work and were expecting to get a furlough letter to go home without pay.  This is a photo in my cube that is out of focus to represent the unknown of what was to come of my day.  However soon after this photo, our management notified us that there was still finding for our positions, so we got to stay at work.
January 23 – Motion
This is a photo of my daughter at volleyball practice tonight.  Lighting in the gym is horrible, so I just embraced the grain and covered to black and white to try to hide the grain as much as possible.
January 24 – Hobby
Not only do I like to create images with my camera, I also like to paint.  I put my brushes in an old pickle jar and put the flash behind the jar.  I played around for a while, but this was the first photo I took in the series and liked the mystery of it….how mysterious can a pickle jar of paint brushes be??
January 25 – Something sweet
Tomorrow is one of my good friend’s birthday, so I took her to lunch and Smallcakes to get a cupcake to celebrate.  
January 26 – Monochromatic
This is the water tower that I park next to everyday at work.  It seemed to be an interesting enough subject for my monochrome photo for today.

January 27 – Fuzzy socks
Today, as on most Saturdays we were at a volleyball tournament.  Well we traveled up the night before…and of course I forgot the fuzzy socks. The gym was really cold, so I did have a blanket in the truck…so although I have no fuzzy socks, I do have a fuzzy blanket over my feet and had to show the girls warming up in the background as well.
January 28 – To Do List
So while making up the challenge, I guess I didn’t pay much attention to the fact that today was Sunday and who writes a To Do List on Sundays?  Not me, but this week, I had to complete the challenge…so I made a simple list on my notes page of my phone and took a photo.
January 29 – Gold
I had plenty of gold colored things to photograph…in fact I did photograph many of them, but this one told the most about  me.  I love to hand letter signs and these are a few of my favorite paint pens.
January 30 – Cutlery
Another thing I enjoy is cooking, so I photographed some spices on spoons.  Not the exact look I was going for, but hey at this point, I can’t believe I have stuck with these photographs everyday.  It really helps to have a group of almost 500 people following me on Facebook to keep me motivated to stick to the challenge!
January 31 – Lit from Behind
This is simply a lemon slice that I put a flashlight behind and took a photo.
If you made it this far, maybe this interests you…you are welcome to pop over and join the group on Facebook!  We would love to have you.  Just search 2018 365 Photo Challenge and click JOIN GROUP.  Happy Shooting

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