2018 365 Photo Challenge {February}

February 1 – Heart

February 2 – Shadows  
Today was groundhog day, so when I planned this, I thought shadows would be a suiting topic

February 3 – Shot From Above
Was running late on taking my photo, so I took a photo of my “Saturday uniform” from above.  There aren’t many Saturdays that I’m not in my shorelines and my comfy jeans…Played around with some off camera flash since it was getting dark.

February 4 – Something you collect
I collect roosters and this is my favorite.  Got it a while back while at El Conquistador in Puerto Rico.

February 5 – Nutella
Why Nutella?  Well the first and only time I have ever eaten it was in Paris…the city of Love, so I figured this was also very suiting for the month of love.  I tried multiple shots or real Nutella at the grocery store, but didn’t like any of them, so I “cheated” and used peanut butter and did a little editing to make it not look like peanut butter;)  When I created this challenge, I didn’t choose any topics to expect to spend extra money to get these things, but to think out of the box and be creative with what was around in my daily environment.

February 6 – Backyard
I went in search of something to take some macro shots of, but it had just rained the day before so the backyard, past the grass was still very wet…so I couldn’t make it where I wanted to without getting muddy, so I found this tree with the hole from the woodpeckers and the fungi on it interesting.

February 7 – Light
Well I headed to Pizza Hut for lunch and sat my phone down…then I decided I would post the challenge and when I opened up Facebook, my camera was on and I saw this light and peeling ceiling.  I was also in the photo…yikes, so I bowed out and tried for the perfect composition of this light.  I am pretty happy with the way it turned out, I was just praying nothing fell in my pizza!

February 8 – Camera
Took a photo of my Pentax K1000 through another lens opened wide up sitting on the counter in front for the camera. 

February 9 – Action
Well life got real today!  Work has been very hectic working on multiple projects.  My team pulled together to get some important things done, so while on  my lunch break I went to pick up some cookies as a thank you.  While leaving the shopping center, there were multiple cars moving.  So I just sat in my spot and told my friend that was with me that I was going to sit right there while those cars did what they were going to do.  So as soon as two cars around me moved, I proceeded to back out…granted I have sensors and a back up camera and they both failed me as I didn’t see the other car that was also waiting on the other two cars to move.  We backed into each other.  I think she was going way too fast, but the police officer couldn’t prove anything, so we both went on our way.  This is the damage to my poor van…the other lady’s Traverse drove away unscathed.  

February 10 – Umbrella
Life has its way of falling into place.  Today was not a good day either.  I accidentally left my camera bag half way unzipped leaving the wedding today and my camera tumbled out onto the floor…by today (my end of month blogging day), said camera is repaired and back in 100% working order.  I also ended up buying a new camera too, since I have another wedding in 3 days and wasn’t sure how long the repair would take.  This shot I did take with the camera I had just dropped with the macro lens…could tell focus was a little off, but hey it was raining and todays challenge was umbrella, so I had to get the shot and the trusty iPhone just wouldn’t do!

February 11 – Spilled Milk
Was going to photograph some milk drops, but couldn’t get my off camera flash to cooperate, so I resorted to milk pouring over my favorite cereal that I typically eat for my evening snack.

February 12 – Cheesy
This photo was actually taken on the 10th, but since my camera got mailed off to repair today, I figured it would be ok to use it.  This was the last point of the championship game…you can see the down ref’s arm calling the point and Isabel “cheesing” in the background.  There is so much emotion and story in this photo.  I love it.

February 13 – Candy
OK, so nows the time to bear with me;)  The next few days are iPhone shots and I really need to work on my iPhone photo skills…so this challenged me more than you’d expect.

February 14 – Love
I used my macro lens for my iPhone to get this shot of the flowers that my hubby got me for my Valentines present.

February 15 – Together
Well this is it, this is our together.  Many nights a week and weekends are spent together with these ladies, our Striker’s Volleyball Family.

February 16 – Emotion
Got the new camera (D750), so thank goodness I have options now and am not stuck with the iPhone.  Took this of Baylee’s team.  Thought there was great emotion in it.

February 17 – Relax
The girls in between matches.  Snapped this one with my iPhone…loved the sisterly love in this photo and couldn’t waste anytime getting out the camera because I didn’t know how long this sweet moment would last.

February 18 – Wine
Today was National Wine Day and of course I’m sick and on antibiotics, so I couldn’t even enjoy a glass of wine.  I resorted to taking a photo of a wine bottle with my candelabra that I bought at my favorite little winery in San Diego, Bernardo Winery.

February 19 – Presidents
Well macro lens is still in repair, so I used my macro lens on my iPhone to get this shot.  Picked a penny that was from my birth year.

February 20 – Taco Tuesday
We take Taco night very seriously in this house!  In fact when we built our house, we put in two dishwashers because taco night is so dish intensive that we never wanted to have to worry about them again.  I make whole pinto beans in the crock pot all day, save some whole, refry the rest.  Then its mexican rice and ground beef and all the toppings (white cheese, yellow cheese, lettuce, tomato, green onions, cilantro, sour cream and taco sauce).  Also make crispy and soft shells…I bet you’re thinking this is way over board…well I told you, we take this very seriously.  We all have our taco preferences and this is one night, I make sure everyone is happy.  This is my version of the Double Decker taco.

February 21 – Handwriting
This is Baylee’s beautiful handwriting.  They were from earlier in the month, because when I told her I was going to photograph it, she had to pick the prettiest page of notes she had!

February 22 – Pets
One of our beauties.  Macro lens is back and working perfectly…Took this one of Luna and converted to B&W.

February 23 – Patterns
Couldn’t find any interesting patterns and was feeling well not so creative so snapped this one while at the doctor’s office today with the iPhone.

February 24 – Something I made
Hand painted this sign, made and stained the frame and put it all together all on  my own.  Very proud of my work.  Hubby had to help me hang it, but besides that, I did this one all on my own.

February 25 – Window Light
Couldn’t manage a decent shot with these cats today, so my daughter came to the rescue and held Mintsy by the window.  Got this reflection in her eyes of the blinds and the sun shining on her face though the window.  

February 26 – Fairy Tale
OK, so today stumped once again…went outside to try to get a creative shot of the clouds to loosely interpret into something fairy tale”ish”.  Then I looked out back and thought, this is our swamp…so this is my interpretation of a fairy tale.  Isn’t Shrek a fairy tale?  He has a swamp too!

February 27 – Strawberry
Well for those of you that don’t know I was born and raised in the Winter Strawberry capital of the world, Plant City, Florida.  This Strawberry came from Plant City…so its not just any Strawberry.  It tells about me and my beginnings.

February 28 – Flowers
Went to the grocery store and was going to pick up some flowers to photograph, but none of them spoke to me.  I felt like I have photographed every option that my grocer has to offer…then to end the month perfect, I pull into the driveway and what is blooming in my front yard?  This beautiful iris; I planted these bulbs two years ago and although the leafy part has multiplied through the few years, they have never bloomed before.  Seeing this with the rain drops was just icing on the cake.
Now on to March and praise the Lord I don’t have to spell February again until next year…that word is my nemesis…The spelling tricks me up all the time…so now on to an easier spelled month:)
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