2018 365 Photo Challenge {March}

March 1 – Yellow
Kept seeing a yellow weed that I was going to photograph, but it rained today and they closed up, so I walked around the yard to see what else yellow I could spot.  This was a loose yellow flower that was just lying in the pine straw and leaves.  I found the contrast of the yellow against the brown nice and the water on the flower caught my attention too.

March 2 – Blue
I couldn’t find anything blue that I could photograph, so I figured this glass with the blue trim would have to satisfy the blue photograph for today.

March 3 – Refrigerator
Had great plans to photograph from inside the refrigerator with a wide angle to get the inside of it, but I couldn’t get the exposure right, so I went with a photograph of my peppers that I grew in my garden.  Homemade tabasco sauce, vinegar tabasco peppers and pickled jalepenos. 

March 4 – Books
These are a few of my favorite books.  Nicholas Sparks is one of my favorite authors and the other well, it is very informative and supportive for anyone living with Bipolar Disorder.

March 5 – Water
Planned on setting up my water drop set, but I just needed a quick shot, so I caught a photo of the water dripping out of my kitchen faucet.

March 6 – Technology
Maybe a little back in time technology for you…this was one of my favorite phones of all times that I hung on to.  Have a few other oldies in my desk drawer.  Call me a hoarder or maybe just sentimental.

March 7 – In the Kitchen
I just had to have Edison Bulbs throughout the house.  I love to look at them…although they do not put out a bunch of lights, thank goodness I got recessed lighting put in the kitchen too.

March 8 – Glasses
Hung a pair of my sunnies in the tree and converted to B&W.

March 10 – Mario
Well today was a Saturday, so Mario traveled with us to a volleyball tournament.  I carried him in  my pocket all day and took random photos throughout the day.  This was actually the first one I took with him standing on the court…wanted the girls to be visible in the background warming up, but I didn’t execute that one very well.  I did like the bokeh behind Mario.  I got some strange looks…middle aged woman carrying around and photographing a Mario toy all day.  Oh well, guess I could be considered different, there are worse things people could think about me I guess.  This was a fun challenge day and it made me feel like Mario was a Flat Stanley.

March 11 – Pair
Pair of favorite pearl earrings…I wear these all the time…even when I ran my marathon, had to have my pearls in for the 26.2 miles:)  So these pearls are very special to me.

March 12 – Napping
Well she wasn’t actually napping, but however I photographed her eye until it looks like it was sleeping;)  Sometimes you gotta get creative.

March 13 – Clock
Pulled into the garage and one of my favorite songs came on, so I figured I would document that as well as photograph the clock in the car.  This is the rental car from while my van was at the Collision Center.

March 14 – Prized Possession
I don’t really have prized possessions.  Everything can be replaced, but I thought my wedding ring was a good representation of how my husband and family are the most important things in my life.  

March 15 – Key
Well this is what my key looks like for my van.  Strange yes and really not even sure of the purpose of it, as my key fob doesn’t even come out of my purse.

March 16 – Lips
Tops of a few of my lip glosses.  I found my eyes drawn to the gold and the angle of the glosses.

March 17 – St Patricks Day
While it has nothing to do with St Patrick…this is what we did on our St Patricks Day.  The girls had a tournament.  I did buy some green iced donuts to try to do something with them and the girls in the background, but I failed to execute.

March 18 – Luck
Well for those that know me, know I eat a burger the night before my races…a burger is my good luck charm.  I had a time hop pop up from last year of my pre-race burger meal the night before my marathon.  I took a photo of my phone with the time hop photo on it.  Good luck for me is not to win, but simply finish as I used to not even be able to run a lap around the track…and now I can go for 26.2 miles!  That is my luck charm.

March 19 – Up Close
Here is a photo of one of my iris buds.  These are some of the more beautiful flowers I have ever had in my yard. 

March 20 – Spring
I photographed this on the way to pick up my daughter from school.  These fields are getting ready to plant and I wanted the “water dragon” to also be a focus of the photo.

March 21 – Night Sky
Well I was traveling for work and not feeling well…so I quickly snapped this photo of the sun setting from the back side of my hotel.  I was ready for bed, so wasn’t willing to stay up for a fully dark night sky.

March 22 – Goofing Off
Headed to the Huntsville Botanical Gardens to see what I could find goofing off…ducks maybe, squirrels, birds, kids…but I didn’t see much of any of that…so I figured I would take a photo of what its like for me to be goofing off.  Taking pictures is my goofing off.

March 23 – Hair
Took this photo of the shadow of my hair in the rock garden.  Made sure the rock painted pretty was showing because when I curl my hair I always feel pretty:)

March 24 – Plants
Put the camera on the ground and shot up wanting to get the colorful leaves, the beautiful sky and the sun peaking through.  

March 25 – Holy
Well my church doesn’t even have a steeple with a cross, so I knew where there was a beautiful one, so I headed to Macon to photograph St Joesph’s Catholic Church.  I love their cross, it is so beautiful and represents Holy to me.

March 26 – Purple
This time of year, there is Purple Wisteria all over Georgia, so I saw this and stopped in the middle of the road, rolled down the window and photographed it.  It was raining and there was no parking near, so I risked it to get this shot!

March 27 – Contrast
I saw this and knew it was my contrast photo…original idea, take a photo and add contrast in Lightroom.  Well I saw this dead tree we just had cut down that had some new growth on it…thought it contrasted life and death really well.  I also added contrast in Lightroom. 

March 28 – Button
Yesterday I was hunting through my purse for 50 cents to get a diet coke and found his button that fell off one of my sweaters a while back and I hadn’t gotten a chance to sew it back on yet.  I placed it on the window sill and photographed it as the sun was rising through the back of the button.  My camera had a hard time keeping focus, so this isn’t the best “technically sound” photo, but I will try taking another photo like this again soon.

March 29 – Red Wagon
Put the camera on the ground and photographed the wheel.  It was very sunny, so it was hard for me to see what I was getting or even see anything in get view finder since the camera was so low.  You can see this wagon got a lot of use and brought joy to many kids.  I bought it second hand for my niece and nephew when they visit….so they will get joy out of it too.  The little joyous red wagon.

March 30 – Grass
While out running today, I ran past the golf course and thought it was the perfect opportunity to photograph the grass at the golf course and get the amazing sky too.

March 31 – Steam
OK, its another volleyball day today…so it was up at 0400 to get everything ready and get photo taken before we left.  Took a photo while my hubby’s coffee was brewing.

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