2018 365 Photo Challenge {June 2018}

June 2018
Just got home from Puerto Rico…so playing catch up on blogging for May and June…just knocked them up on the blog.  Be on the lookout for the last 12 days of the vacation in July’s blog!!

June 1 – Doughnuts

June 2 – Pencil
June 3 – Baseball

June 4 – Open Field

June 5 – Ice cream

June 6 – Analog

June 7 – Music from the Past
June 8 – Best Friends

June 9 – Barefoot

June 10 – Pen

June 11 – Corn on the Cob
June 12 – Seashell
June 13 – Somewhere you went today

June 14 – Flags

June 15 – Smiles
Daughter was all smiles when she got her new car!

June 16 – Faceless portrait

June 17 – Fathers

June 18 – Motorcycle

June 19 – Sunflare

June 20 – Selfie
June 21 – Summer
Kicked off Newsboys United Summer Tour in Macon Georgia.

June 22 – Blue

June 23 – Pink

June 24 – Calm

June 25 – Create a scene
Here Luigi is on an adventure in the backyard…marking the Luiggi Adventure 2018 starts tomorrow!!
June 26 – Eye Level
Made it to Puerto Rico, while stuck in traffic leaving the airport, my sun hat was the perfect model sitting on the dash.

June 17 – Vegetable
Saw these beautiful eggplant and had to capture at the Mercado.

June 18 – Bomb Pop
Well we looked and looked for a bomb pop in PR, but nada, zilch, nothing.  So I took this colorful ice-cream with very typical caribbean colors and called it my bomb pop for the day.

June 29 – Had no idea what I was going to do for my camera shot…but as I was capturing this sunset while riding down the road, I saw myself, camera in hand in the mirror…so  I am taking advantage of the beautiful sunset with a little camera in there.

June 30 – Black
Headed to Gato Negro to eat.  This area was devastated due to Hurricanes Irma and Maria and a lot of the restaurants were gone, but Gato Negro was still standing, so we took advantage for dinner and a photo.

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