2018 365 Photo Challenge {May 2018}

May 2018
Yes, Yes, I know it is already July…well I have been super busy, two of the boys graduated high school, traveled for work, volleyball for what seems like forever.  So, I am just now getting to blog about May.  I will throw up June in a few!

 May 1 – April Showers bring May flowers

May 2 – Shiny Car
May 3 – Different Colored Shoes
Took this to represent the crew lost on the C-130 crash in Georgia

May 4 – Birds
Couldn’t get a bird outside for the life of me, so I photographed my owl that I journaled in my Bible.

May 5 – Join Hands

May 6 – Lemons
Made some strawberry lemonade today for the challenge-delish!

May 7 – Golf
I don’t play golf, but I did head over to get this overhead shot of a flag on the putting green area.  Loved the shadow I got.

May 8 – Coke
Well all I drink is diet and its my morning fuel, so photographed this at work with all my to do board in the background.

May 9 – Mirror
Grabbed my little dollar tree mirror and had to take advantage of my irises blooming.  This was kinda tricky because I was holding the mirror in one hand and the camera in the other.

May 10 – Morning Routine
These two things are always a part of my morning routine.

May 11 – Shot from below
Went to the museum of aviation at lunch and got this image.

May 12 – Odometer
Shot this with 18.5 on the mile marker to represent the boys who will be graduating soon!!

May 13 – Mothers
Got this concordance for Mother’s Day…was so excited over it.

May 14 – On the shelf
Had grand ideas for this one, but wasn’t happy with my images, so I had a backup plan and used salt…making sure I am never a chef so-so.

May 15 – Graduates
My oldest graduated from high school today and this is a photo of the celebration with confetti at the end.

May 16 – Skyline

May 17 – Favorite China
Well to be honest, bought this mismatched set at goodwill for a tea party shoot I did, but its the only china I own!

May 18 – Weights/Measures
Strawberry Puree in a Mason Jar…had no idea mason jars had units of measure on them until today.

May 19 – Double Exposure
Very tricky today…so I photographed a similar color paint and pencil in the double exposure mode on my camera.

May 20 – Backyard Games
Love to play corn hole, so woke up early, set up a board, got low and took a photograph.

May 21 – One Light Set Up
Today is Isabel’s 16th Birthday, so I took advantage of a beautiful sprinkle cupcake to use as my model.

May 22 – Musical Instrument
Was in OKC for work and this beautiful piano was in the lobby.  Captured the man playing this evening.

May 23 – Penny
This was shot with a stack of pennies on a glass sitting on the window ledge in my hotel room.  Love the shadows and prismatic effect from the sun shining through.

May 24 – Shadows on the wall
Well headed back home today, so shot this in the airport in OKC.  Liked the shadows on from the window frame.

May 25 – Church Steeple
Located in OKC right out side the OKC memorial.

May 26 – Brushes

May 27 – Needs repair

May 28 – Picnic
Well its been raining for what seems like forever…so had to improvise…got a shot of a basket on the front porch to represent a picnic.
May 29 – Leading Lines


May 30 – Water a Flower
Got a shot of where nature had watered the flower. 

May 30 – Barbecues

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