Here Goes – Pre TLIF surgery

Well here goes ladies and gentlemen!  I know, this is a photography blog…but my photography blog might be hijacked for a little while, while I can’t do much shooting with anything other than my iPhone.  Today is the big day.  Got 3 hours of sleep and got up to finish loading some albums on shoot proof.  About to head to the hospital for Spine Fusion surgery (TLIF) For sure L4/L5, possibly L5/S1 as well (doc will tell me when I arrive this morning – depending on CT results from Wednesday).  Hopefully this surgery will get me back to normal and I can shoot and walk even without pain…maybe someday I will be able to run again, but at this point…Im just hoping I can make it out of the bed for the next few days!

Nerves are setting in, but instead of just doing nothing and letting them get ahold of me, I figured Id write a little.

So deciding on this surgery wasn’t tough, because the pain was to the point of being debilitation.  We went on vacation this summer and I had to stay at home some days and lay on the couch…some days couldn’t even carry my camera.  What fun is life if you can’t get off the couch or take photos?  I couldn’t do it any longer.  Pain pretty much came to be at a 5-6 at all times…if I walked for over 10 minutes or so it would shoot up to a 8-9…sitting for very long would also increase the pain.

Had a few things I had to get done with work so scheduled surgery for 14 Sep 18.  Well now the day is here…and I hope I have everything I need.

Tried to think of everything, a grabber, a back scratcher, meds, movies, netflix play list, bedside tray, clean sheets, robe, house shoes for my 2 miles of walking i have to do everyday post-op.  So heres to getting this done.  Back brace and no bending, lifting or twisting for 12 weeks.  Lets get this party started!  I am ready to be on the other side of this in recovery.


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