2018 365 Photo Challenge {September}

Well September was a big month for me, not so much for my photography, but I had L4/L5 fusion done on my spine.  Surgery was on the 14th and was in the hospital 4 days instead of 1…lifting is very limited with no bending or twisting for 12 weeks and I have to wear contraption around my waist 99.9% of my day.  All of my images from the 14th on were shot using an iPhone only.  I had to get very creative in how I was going to cover each topic as some days were really bad.

September 1 – No Rhyme or Reason
What better reason to practice a new recipe and my food photography.

September 2 – College Colors
Son’s college colors!
September 3 – Something Rotating
Waited until the last minute on this one because I couldn’t find anything spinning or rotating, so I rolled with the ceiling fan.
September 4 – Learning
Coach Stewart was having a teachable moment during a time-out…what a better time for learning.

September 5 – Bunch
Headed to NY today for work and hit the Long Island Railroad, heading the NYC for my first time.  This photo was shot from the 86th floor of the Empire State Building…this is a bunch of lights.

September 6 – Walk by Faith
Headed back into the city again after work today and took a nighttime bus tour.  When I saw the faith it took for these folks to walk out in from of these crazy drives in NYC, I knew this was a perfect opportunity for my challenge.  Used a slower shutter speed to show the movement in the people.
September 7 – Stages
Well today was the day to head home, but due to weather and other delays at LGA, this photo represents the stages of an airport delay.  If you look in the distance, you can see the other planes sitting on the runway, also waiting.

September 8 – Board Games
Not much of an explanation for this one…we used to play board games a lot but with the boys in college and the girls so busy, I just pulled out a board game that I thought might photograph well…so monopoly it was.
September 9 – Light Fixture
Loved the shadows on the ceiling from this light fixture.

September 10 – Bright
Sunrise coming up in the back yard.

September 11 – Remembrance
For this image, I was going to take a photo of a flag, but I thought I wanted to get more creative than that…so I taped a white sheet of paper on my filing cabinet, put two rulers in my purse to hold them upright, had my cube mate shine his flashlight on the rulers and photographed the shadows on the white paper.  I then made the white into red and heavily distressed it in editing software.  Lastly added the words to remember this day.
September 12 – Jewelry
September 13 – Snack
Had to head to the VA today for an appointment and saw these in the vending machine.  Peanut M&Ms are my weakness!

September 14 – Table
Just got out of surgery and they were bringing me food…so I figured I’d get a shot of my bedside table.  I mean who is in a ton of pain and still groggy from anesthesia, but all I could think about was how was I going to complete my challenge in a hospital room.
September 15 – Leaves
Welp, you guessed it, another hospital room shot.  Dinner was served, so I took advantage of these leafy greens.  No way to get outside, so this was the best I could do…

September 16 – Clean Up
Today they came into clean up my room, so I discreetly got housekeeping working.

September 17 – Looking Up
Today I got home in the afternoon and this is all that was up…
September 18 – Air Force
My 407th SCMS Sunshine Club sent me these get well soon flowers today…so what better way to represent Air Force than by my caring co-workers that support the AF everyday.

September 19 – Underneath
Well back in the ER today to check for DVT/Clots.  Having pain and swelling in my legs.  Tests came back negative, so a long 7 hour stay in the ER to be sent back to my surgeon tomorrow for a follow up.

September 20 – SnapChat Filter Fun
Was given a shower this morning, so I look somewhat alive, but this grin was hard to put on…still not feeling well.

September 21 – Breathtaking
Friend brought me these flowers, perfect opportunity for a photo.

September 22 – Autumn
Was able to go to Publix with my daughter and what says fall more than a Mum…got this in their floral department

September 23 – HDR Changing Leaves
This is in my front yard, so didn’t have to go far to get it.

September 24 – Something you do most weekends
Got a recliner and since I sneak in a nap most weekends, this seemed like as perfect as any for a photo.
September 25 – Errands
Had to run get last minute things for our big birthday for tomorrow…and this is when someone wanted to drive me to Hobby Lobby.  Still no driving:(

September 26 – Before Bedtime
Well County Championship for volleyball was tonight, so we had to wait until right before bedtime to celebrate Baylee’s birthday.
September 27 – Flat Lay
Flowers I got last week were hanging on by a thread, so I used them for my flat lay.

September 28 – Swing or Twirl
Really wanted to use my real camera for this, but iPhone still has to suffice…a twirling penny.

September 29 – Rides
Volunteered at the photos judging today at the fair, when my hubby picked me up, we rode over to see what was getting ready for the fair next week.  This ride was up, so I snapped a photo.
September 30 – Bubbles
Hubby taught me how to make homemade bubbles and he blew some while I photographed them.  Took 3 bubbles and used a double exposure technique in Snapped to overlay them to make this.

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