Recommended Vinyl Supplier

I have strong opinions on where my supplies come from.  I have found a vinyl supplier, that has top notch customer service, quick shipping and the lowest prices I can find anywhere across the US for my favorite Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV), Siser Easy Weed.  They typically have a sale running.  The code right now is SISER25SALE.  Trust me, you will want to use it; it will save you 25% off their already low price.  You can get some HTV for under $2 a square foot when you buy rolls.  This is serious when you consider a big box store sells the same brand for $18-24 for a 3 foot roll, that is upwards of $8 a square foot.  If you are making T-shirts for fun or for profit, either way, the more money you save in material costs can only be a GREAT thing.  So who is this great retailer?  Its Swing Design!!  Not only do they carry HTV, you can also get Silhouette, Cricut, and Brother machines, heat presses, 3D printers and more!  Check them out at my affiliate link Cambridge Holdings .  I do receive compensation for recommending this great company!

Now if you want specialty patterned vinyl, I have my favorite there too.  Opinionated, I know.  But I can’t help but share tips about my favorite things.  If you want polka dots, stripes, mermaid, rainbow, sports, holiday, camo, florals; really any pattern you can imagine, you will probably find it here!  They also have subscription boxes every month that are a lot of fun to receive new patterns and gifts.  This great company is Sparkleberry Inc.  Check them out

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