Month: June 2019

Day Trip to Old Car City USA

Today, we took a day trip to Old Car City USA in White, Georgia.  Old Car City was founded in 1931 as a used car dealer, turned car & parts junkyard, and lastly mother nature turned it into two ton flower pots and photographers paradise.  There are seven miles of trails with over 4,000 cars…

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Adventure close to home

Yesterday I was chomping at the bit to photograph somewhere I hadn’t been or been in a while…and low and behold, found a new place and a few cute spots on the trip there today.  This morning, we woke up and cooked some biscuits a gravy and headed west to Providence Canyon, near Lumpkin, Georgia.  We…

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Pet care

Who has a furry family member?  I know most of us do.  Maybe one or maybe a whole house or yard full.  I completely understand the joy of owning a pet(s)…but there are some things that could be easier, and they can be!  I can no longer carry a large bag of cat food or…

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Good For the Soul

I’ve always known crafts were good for my soul! Some crafts focus on repetitive actions and there are skills that can always be improved upon. Now let’s play devil’s advocate for a second…and talk out the thoughts you may be having.  But it is so expensive; it can be, but you can do a lot…

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Father’s Day Dinner

So if you’ve learned anything yet about me…atleast according to my husband, I over do everything.  Cook for an army when we have 5…have to decorate over the top for a simple holiday…but that is just me.  Today was no different.  I posted about brunch but dinner was even better!  Fried gator tail (recipe was…

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Father’s Day Brunch

I try not to overdo it for holidays, but I use any excuse to get out the cloth napkins and chargers to fancy up my table.  Now I do need some more neutral dishwear…as all I have now are rooster dishes, clear glass dishes and a ton of goodwill Christmas finds.  I keep looking at…

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