{DIY} Wall hanging part 2

Tonight I tried a more natural element.  I took the clippers and went and trimmed a limb that was down in the back yard.

I cut sixty 60-inch pieces of yarn.  I doubled them then knoted them on the branch as shown below until all were on the branch.
Once they were knotted, then I taped off the bottom to keep it somewhat straight.  You can cut a V, an angle, straight or however you see fit.  
Once I had it trimmed, I cut a long piece for my hanger.  I knotted, wrapped and then slip knotted each side to make the hanger…couldn’t keep everything tight and take a photo at the same time.  If anyone is interested I can do a video tutorial.  
I found a spot to hang and voila! A $3 boho wall hanging!  

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