{DIY} Wall hanging

So who has seen all those beautiful wall hangings that have been macramed and twisted and braided…well I love them just like the rest of the you…but I found a way to make a very inexpensive simple wall hanger.  I bought 4 rolls of yarn and 1 package of dowel rods:  each wall hanging only used about 1/2 of the ball of yarn and one dowel rod-so a little of $1 each!  It’s amazing you can DIY these things and bring in so many natural elements to your home and desk.

I measured 24 pieces of 36 in yarn.  I put two together and wrapped around dowel like in the photo.  I also did a video of how to do step by step.  Then the hanger should be cut at 72 inches-video shows how to wrap the yarn around to make it a hanger.  Having a problem with the video uploading so I will try to do some better photos tonight.

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