{DIY} Yarn wall hangings

So today was quite the day for me.  I received a gift card to hobby lobby and for someone like me, that was a great way to end my day.  Opened it up and headed straight to town.  Thanks again to my co-workers in the 407th for this gracious going away gift!

Below are my goodies I picked up at Hobby Lobby.  I searched high and low for the best deals to get the most bang for my buck.  There were some great green milk glass and a decorative bowl that I got for 75% off that will be beautiful to photograph.  I am envisioning a delicious cake….just might try a new recipe for Father’s Day.  I will use any excuse to use a nice table setting and make a simple meal feel special.  I also found some chunky white/pink yarn that was on clearance (my bedroom is gray, pink, and navy…so it was perfect for a wall hanging for my room).  I grabbed a few rings, some neutral yarns, two candlesticks (one fell and broke…no worries though, its already gorilla glued and set up with a candle), a large glass vase, some floral putty, another cake stand and some white markers (stay tuned for my next project!!)
Wanted a natural look for the one that was going in my bedroom and I thought the chunky yarn needed a more substantial piece than the hoops or a dowel.  Love living with a lake in my backyard with plenty of old trees and branches to use at every step.  This one I eyeballed each piece, because I wanted the slant on the bottom.  I estimated the length and then used my tape method to trim the yarn on the angle at the bottom.  I only used about 1/2 of the roll of yarn.  Each roll of yarn cost about $3.50…so there was minimal cost in this piece.
Here it is hanging in my room.  I thought above my photo display was a perfect place for this piece.
Next I was going for something more neutral, but ended up changing my idea midstream.  I bundled 12 pieces of the off white yarn (measured a table length for each piece; I know, real exact, but that’s the way I roll).  I was going to do both rings with all the off white color, but honestly, I just wanted to finish and I used a chunkier yarn on the large hoop.  On the large hoop, I bundled 4 strands together for each tassel there.  I then attached the two hoops together at the top with a rubber band and wrapped with some off white yarn to make it more appealing.  I think this one is going in my cube to match the first one I made.

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