Passion Fruit (Parcha) Mojitos

I’ve had parcha mojitos and had to concoct my own recipe.  They are so delicious on a hot
day.  I recommend Don Q passion fruit rum, but I wasn’t willing to run to the other side of town to get it, so I settled for Malibu passion fruit rum.  Of course they are much better when you’re in the Caribbean with all their fresh parcha…but Welch’s passion fruit juice is what I resort to in the states.

Use mortar and pestle to muddle whole package of mint, juice of three limes, and a table spoon of sugar.  Once it is muddled, add to the pitcher.  Add two cups of passion fruit rum and about 4 cups of passion fruit juice.  Serve over ice and garnish with a lime or mint leave.   Enjoy!!
P.S.  I also make a little treat with the parcha juice and rum called a limber.  Comment below if you want to know how!!

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