Father’s Day Brunch

I try not to overdo it for holidays, but I use any excuse to get out the cloth napkins and chargers to fancy up my table.  Now I do need some more neutral dishwear…as all I have now are rooster dishes, clear glass dishes and a ton of goodwill Christmas finds.  I keep looking at thrift stores and clearance sections, but haven’t found anything yet that I feel like is good enough bargain.  Today we had to get up early because both girls had to work early…so we celebrated at about 0830.  I prepared biscuits and gravy and then steak, potatoes with eggs and roasted tomatoes.  First time I’ve ever tried this concoction and all in all I was pretty happy with it!  I cut small gold potatoes in half and coated in olive oil then sprinkled with garlic salt.  I roasted the potatoes for about 15 minutes.  While the potatoes were roasting I seasoned the steaks with garlic salt and then pan seared them.  Once the potatoes had roasted for the 15 minutes, then I flipped them.  Next I added the steak to the roasting pan (they were grill packs from M&T – which are basically the ugly steaks, but they are really delicious.  They also come marinaded).  After about 7 minutes I added the eggs and egg whites (Derick doesn’t like the yolk)…and tomatoes to the roasting pan.  Cooked about 10 more minutes until white part of egg was cooked.

Comment below if you’re interested in my gravy recipe!!  I’ll have to post that one later!

Here are a few photos of everything.  I also made a cake for dinner dessert!!


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