Pet care

Who has a furry family member?  I know most of us do.  Maybe one or maybe a whole house or yard full.  I completely understand the joy of owning a pet(s)…but there are some things that could be easier, and they can be!  I can no longer carry a large bag of cat food or cat litter and if you can, who would want to lug all that around anyway?  I personally use Chewy (affiliate link) for all my pet needs.  You can set your items up on auto ship and you never have to worry about it again!  Shipping is super quick and free over a certain amount.  If you set your shipment up on auto ship you save too.  You can’t go wrong, no more going to the pet retail store or big box stores to lug around 100s of pounds of litter or food, load it in your car, unload it when you get home.  If you use chewy, it comes right to your door…no wasting gas, time or energy!!  They carry a wide range of supplies, even for reptiles!

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