DIY – Playhouse gets a makeover

Here’s the almost finished product!!  Have a few finishing touches but I am so excited to share!

 My nieces are coming to visit, and what else for a Titi [tΔ“ΛˆtΔ“] to do, but find them a playhouse. I searched high and low on Facebook marketplace and other online sellers, but to no avail, at least at my price point. I did however, have an ex-co-worker that had a playhouse that his children had outgrown. He contacted me and we were blessed with a free playhouse for them to play in. However, as we all know, I tend to go over the top, so I took photos of all the pieces and started planning my design. I wanted a beach cottage feel for the color scheme, so i went with a Coastal Sage, Slate Gray and White (all matte). I am also using craft paint on some of the detail work and sealing with a matte spray sealer. All the paints/sealer that I bought were Rustoleum 2X Matte. There are details of plants that I am going to paint with craft paint on the inside of the playhouse. I am also putting a “house number” on the door and burners on the play stove in Oracle 651 Vinyl.

First step – clean the plastic. If it is really dirty, I would recommend a good pressure washing. This one was in really good shape (minus a few broken little detail pieces) and just lightly dirty, so I am just going to use an old broom and some household cleaner.

 Next step – paint the pieces. I painted the roof in the slate color, the vinyl look siding in white, and the shutters and door in the sage color. I also did a little bit of trim work too. I painted the doorbell, the plants that are pressed into the plastic on the inside with craft paint just to add some detail. Once the acrylic paint dried I sprayed with a matte sealant. The stone look, was in very good condition and I didn’t want to take away from the multi colored finish on the stone, so I left that the multi colored
 gray. I thought about painting it all white and them sponge painting each stone in different colors, but thought that was too much.

 Next step – assemble the playhouse. Now when we got it, it was taken apart, so hopefully we can
figure out how it all snaps together. Shouldn’t be too hard.

Here is the painted house. You can leave it as it, or you can decorate till your hearts content. I put a house number on the door. I found a cute little welcome mat at hobby lobby today too.

So if you are needing to revamp a weathered plastic toy, jump right in. If you don’t have one, hit up the garage sales or marketplace. It will look as good as new and its a nice project to work on too. All
the paint and drop cloth cost under $25 (I used some acrylic paint and brushes I already had).

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