Birthday Day Trip

If you know me, you know I’m always up for a trip to see, experience and of course find that next photo spot. On my birthday, it was no less. We woke up early, they gave me all my gifts, got a quick breakfast and headed to our first stop High Falls. When we got there, I asked 3 different people how to get to the Ruins and got three different answers; none of which turned out to be directions to where I wanted to go. Both girls agreed to let me take some photos of them for their senior photos…but within 10 minutes of arrival, they were hot and complaining, so I just gave up on the senior photos…and did what I wanted to do. The girls headed to the car to get a change of clothes since they were hot. Hubby and I continued to venture through the trails and I photographed the falls. A lot has changed since I went there last…a lot was roped off and you could no longer get to a lot of the cool spots.

Here are a few photos of the falls, the dam and some other interesting spots there.

After we left high falls, we headed by Indian Spring State Park because there was a bridge I wanted to photograph. There was a family there doing a session, so I went to the backside (although not as pretty) and got a shot of the bridge.

As we headed to lunch, we saw the sign for Fried Green Tomatoes in Juliette, so we detoured there and decided to have lunch there. Low and behold line was extremely long and both girls had to work in a few hours, so we hopped back in the car. Juliette is such a quaint town though and I would love to go back to explore it more some day.

We stopped for lunch at our planned location at Oliver’s in Macon. One of my favorite Macon restaurants! Had some bubbly and chicken salad on a croissant and I was happy! Then the girls wanted to stop at Scoops, so we obliged. I mean who doesn’t want ice cream on their birthday?

After ice cream we headed home so the girls could get ready for work.

For dinner, hubby and I headed to Bodega Brew for Latin Night in downtown Perry. We also scoped out some alleys in Perry for some new portrait session locations for me since I have 4 senior sessions coming up!

So all in all a pretty great birthday!



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