Krog Street

If you’re ever in Atlanta with a few hours to kill, head to Krog Street Market and then walk down about .3 miles to see the Krog Street Tunnel. We had to pick up family at the airport at 6:20 then another group at 9:40 so in between we headed over to check it out. We had dinner at Watchman’s Seafood in Krog Street Market. I had the fried grouper sandwich and it was really good. We thought about food hopping and trying from 3-4 vendors, but we decided on a comfortable seat while we ate instead. There are a ton of tasty looking items, that I’d like to go back and try another time. There is sushi, fried hot chicken, ice cream, sandwiches, beer and wines, pastries, pizza, and noodle dishes…and I’m sure I’m missing some. It’s a nice place to go especially if you have picky eaters…everyone can eat something they like.

After we ate, we walked down Krog Street to the tunnel. I wouldn’t say it is a beautiful work of art like a lot of Atlanta murals, but it is ever changing and evolving. In fact there were graffiti artists there painting when we were walking though. It is beautiful in its own way. There were a lot of runners, bikers and people on scooters…and honestly I was scared that it was going to be stinky, dark and scary in the tunnel. The tunnel is light and pleasant to walk through and view. I enjoyed photographing in the tunnel. Make sure you have a wide angle lens to be able to get some shots from one side of the tunnel to the other. Here are some of my photos.

This image was captured with my Ricoh Theta.

Hope you take a little trip to explore Krog Street. Let me know what you think.



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