Month: August 2019

Bacon Marmalade

Let me just say I am absolutely obsessed with finding and/or making the best burger. I used to run a lot of races and believe it or not, burgers were my pre-race meal (night before). While others eat pasta and carb load, I always ate a burger. Although I haven’t been able to run in…

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7 Acre Bar n Grill

7 Acre Bar n Grill Milton, GA 7 Acre Bar n Grill is located at 850 Hickory Flat Rd, Milton, GA 30004.  It is located on the corner of Hickory Flat Road and Birmingham Highway in the building of a 1930s general store.  7 Acre Bar n Grill is a farm to table restaurant.  It…

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Auchumpkee Covered Bridge

Tonight I took a drive out through Ft Valley, Roberta and on to Thomaston where the Auchumpkee Covered Bridge is located. I had saw this recommendation for years and didn’t feel like sitting around the house after work today, so we set out for a little time exploring. While driving there, I noticed a few…

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Atlanta Skyline

Who has wondered where to go to get the amazing Atlanta skyline photos?  I kept trying to find the infamous bridge, but kept going right under it and never was able to get back there when I was around. Yesterday, I had to pick up my daughter from the airport.  I took leave for the…

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