Atlanta Skyline

Who has wondered where to go to get the amazing Atlanta skyline photos?  I kept trying to find the infamous bridge, but kept going right under it and never was able to get back there when I was around.

Yesterday, I had to pick up my daughter from the airport.  I took leave for the afternoon from work and grabbed my camera.  My plan was to go to Jackson Street Bridge to take a photo, as long as traffic headed north was reasonable and then head to the airport to get Baylee.

When I got to the airport exit, I had plenty of time, so detoured and headed to Jackson Street Bridge.  Surprisingly with a few tips from some google searches, it was very easy to find.

I had read there was no parking there…while there is no parking on the bridge, there is street parking on both sides (north and south) of the bridge (near some housing there is 1 hour parking & near the MLK Library).  I was alone, so I drove around to find the best parking, so I would have to walk the least with all my gear in tow.  I parked just north of Jackson St Bridge in the 1 hour parking.

If you’re headed north on I-75 into downtown Atlanta, get off at Exit 248B. Turn right on Auburn Ave NE and then left on Jackson Street NE.  The MLK museum is on the right before you cross over the bridge.  There is street parking there.  Then the 1 hour parking is past the bridge.

I went in the middle of the day, so parking was not an issue, but I could imagine at sunset time, the parking will be a little harder to find.  I do plan on going back with all my gear and taking some light trail images at night…but with hubby with me for that one.

Did you know this is where Walking Dead season one, motorcycle ride off was filmed. I am not a Walking Dead fan, but still found this interesting.

Here are a few images that I captured.


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