Prepping for Ireland – What to pack

We have big Thanksgiving week plans! 95 days and counting down. We are headed to Ireland. A few months ago we booked a Globus tour and I have heard amazing things about Globus. We are going to get to see some amazing places. I just can’t wait.

From the research that I have done the weather should be in the 50’s and rainy a lot of days, so the prepping has begun. North face was having a phenomenal sale, so I got myself a fleece and hubby a rain jacket. North face is no longer having the sale, so I have linked the Amazon item below.

I purchased my rain jacket from Amazon. I chose the Columbia rain coat for myself as it seemed a little longer.

These jeans are some of the most comfortable jeans I have ever worn and they have long lengths that are perfect for longer legs.

I have read to wear layers as the weather can change at the drop of a hat. I also found these waterproof boots on amazon. They are super comfortable with memory foam inside and will be perfect for my week in Ireland when out exploring and hiking around, while also stylish.

We also need these adapters for charging your devices.

These are just the beginnings of what we may need for the trip.

As I buy more I will put a more inclusive list of everything. Right now, I am just so excited and want to make sure I have everything.

UPDATE: We just returned from Ireland on Sunday and a few things to add as MUST PACK…gloves, stocking hat, scarf, umbrella, and Dramamine non-drowsy. While touring there are many curvy roads…so Dramamine is a must if you get motion sick as I do; they do not sell Dramamine there and everything I tried there made me drowsy.



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