Top 5 Photographer Apps & Software

My top 5 apps & software suites that I use and love the most.

1. Tailwind. As a blogger and photographer, I need to keep my audience engaged on Instagram and Pinterest…but who has the time to post at the best times for the most engagement? Not me. I work full time, have a few side gigs, have 2 girls that play volleyball, so I follow them around 3-4 days a week…As I start winding down about one evening during the week, I schedule my Instagram and Pinterest posts for the week. Easy peasy.

2. Shootproof. I use shootproof for all my contracts, invoicing and galleries for my clients to download their photos or order prints. It is so simple and there’s no more worries about delivering final photos. Upload them and you’re done.

3. Adobe Suite. I use Lightroom 95% of the time for editing on my Mac. It is so easy to cull through your images, keep them organized and do batch editing. If I need heavier editing, I will use Photoshop, but honestly I don’t use it very much, so even through I have taken a ton of classes on it, I don’t use it so I lose it. Each time I use it, I feel like I have to learn a lot over and over; it is a very powerful tool though. I also use Lightroom, Photoshop Express and Photoshop Fix on my phone for quick phone edits.

4. Nikon WMU. My camera has WiFi capability, so I can use the Nikon WMU app to upload photos directly from my camera to my phone. If you upload individually you don’t lose any quality, so it’s nice to use when traveling to keep your blog and/or social media accounts current. Also while sitting at volleyball tournaments, between matches, sometimes I’ll do quick edits to blast out for parents to see.

5. StoryChic. Who wants a story that stands out? Well StoryChic will allow you to design sweet layouts to use in your Instagram and Facebook stories!

These are my 5 faves right now!



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