Radium Springs {One of Seven Natural Wonders in Georgia}

Today, we visited Radium Springs, one of the Seven Natural Wonders in Georgia. I will be visiting another Natural Wonder in a few weeks and staying in a tiny house, so stay tuned for that!!

I have been wanting to check out Radium Springs for a while and had a free day today, so decided to check it out. We headed south to get to Albany, Georgia. Radium Springs is located at 2501 Radium Spring Rd, Albany Georgia. There is no admission fee to get in. There are the Springs and Gardens. Today the water was really low; while still beautiful, I think if the water level was a little higher, the crystal blue water would be more evident.

Radium Springs is the largest natural spring in the state. The water there contains trace amounts of Radium, hence its name and the bright blue color. In the 1920s, a casino was built there and Radium Springs was a well known resort and spa. It was a popular swimming hole and the water was known to have healthy benefits with its mineral rich water. The great Depression led to the closure of Radium Springs in 1939. It was reopened and closed several times throughout the years. The casino was severely damaged in 1994 by a flood and then again in 1998 and in 2003 was demolished. There are still some remains of the original resort. The site as we see it now, was opened in 2010. Swimming is no longer allowed, but it is a great picturesque spot!

While we were there today, a man playing his violin was in the park. I captured some photos of him as well, and I feel the edits almost place him back in the 20s or 30s.

We stopped at the old Stripling’s on Hwy 300 to take a few photographs and the new Stripling’s for some boiled peanuts on the way home!



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