Ludivine OKC

Tonight is my last night in OKC, so a group of us, including my son hit up Ludivine in Oklahoma City. When we arrived the restaurant was empty, but come to find out everyone was in the bar and meeting room.

We indulged in drinks, dinner and dessert and the flavors were amazing.

Bread and cornbread was served before dinner.

I had a few fresh squeezed margaritas!

I ordered the Wagyu Tri Tip Steak served with sweet white potato mash, brussel sprouts and cauliflower, onions and peppers with a kimchi infused butter on top.

For dessert I order the cranberry coffee cake with pumpkin ice cream drizzled in caramel.

Everything was phenomenal and the flavors just burst in your mouth.

If you are ever in OKC, this is a must try!



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