Glovers Alley – Dublin, Ireland

On our day in Dublin, my hubby found a restaurant that was fabulous. It was upstairs in the Fitzwilliam Hotel at 128 St Stephen’s Green, Dublin. We had been walking around Dublin and had made it about 4.5 miles at the time we stopped, so we were ready for some good food and a little time to rest our feet. Our experience with Irish food was that most of the traditional Irish food was kind of bland and not impressive…food snob, maybe. Glovers Alley serves unique cuisine, using locally sourced ingredients. We needed a change of pace from what we had been eating all week and Glover’s Alley was just what we needed.

When we arrived at Glovers Alley, we were asked for our reservation…well we didn’t make one because we had been flying by the seat of our pants all day exploring…not too many plans in place, just tons of places to see and photograph. But the gentleman kindly said he would get a table set up for us.

They placed our coats and shopping bags into the coat closet and showed us to the restroom. This will be a little weird…but yes I am going to comment on the restroom. Most establishments in Ireland had single square toilet paper dispensers with rough toilet paper…but Glovers Alley even had classy, plush toilet paper. I know, I warned you weird, but this attention to detail everywhere wins me over every time.

So as soon as I stepped out of the restroom, the gentleman that greeted us, whisked me away to our table. He pulled out my chair and pushed it in as I sat down. Then he went back to the restroom to meet my husband and show him to our table.

We were brought the menus and wine list. We were asked about food allergies to ensure we weren’t exposed to any allergens.

There was also a tasting menu, that I did not photograph. I ordered off the lunch menu and my husband ordered off the dinner menu.

Very soon after our wine was served, they started bringing out items chosen by the chef. With each item, they explained what each was. Now I feel like I should have taken notes, as I don’t remember what everything was. I did however photograph all but one of the chef’s choices we were served.

We were also offered 4 different types of fresh breads. I was very fond of the mini French baguette.

My husband indulged with an appetizer of Scallop Ceviche and the Mountain Lamb for his main dish. (I didn’t photograph his because he hates when I make him wait to eat by taking photographs…so you will just have to believe me, it was beautiful and according to him worth every quid in the taste arena.

I had pork cheeks, carrots, olives and verjus for my lunch course. The pork was perfectly paired and melted in my mouth.

After our main dish, they brought out an icy grapefruit tasting that seemed to cleanse our palates and get ready for the full experience of dessert.

For dessert I chose the Mont Blanc and oh my it was so delicious.

My husband got the citrus soufflé and once again no photo, because he was ready to dig in.

After dessert, they brought out even more for us to taste

After every new glass of wine, or plate served, or crumb dropped, they were there to clean the table. We had about 5 different people “attending to” our table at all times.

I am telling you, not a single detail was left unnoticed. The food was delectable and service was top notch.

If you are ever in Dublin, you need to check it out. Oh and did I mention, they have a Michelin Star! Andy McFadden hit this one out of the park!