From a worried mom

What have we done to them?  My four kids are a part of Gen Z.  So many of my friends, also have children in the same boat.  Our children have grown up with devices since a young age.  They expect results quickly and when they don’t get them, they become frustrated and may feel like they are failing. 

Gen Z tends to be less focused, but better multitaskers, more entrepreneurial, has higher expectations, big on individuality, and more global than their older counterparts born as a Millennial.

Some of this sounds good, some bad, but I guess, all in all, it is just different. 

Gen Z communicate via vine and Snapchat.  They may have a hard time even focusing on a real conversation because they are used to sending mundane messages or photos of their forehead as a form of communication (at least my kids do; please tell me I’m not the only one).

They definitely can multitask; many times I see the kids doing their homework while watching a show on their iPhone and snapping all the while.  But are they really truly focusing on anything?  I was taught when doing homework, it needs to be quiet.  I still to this day, cannot watch television and read, or have music on while I’m trying to focus on something that requires great attention.

This group seems to be more entrepreneurial; many of them have ecommerce sites, blogs, or YouTube channels before they are even an adult.  Why? because they are tech savvy.  They can whip up a YouTube channel and review toys or video games, which their thousands of followers from all over the world watch and share. 

They do however have high expectations?  Why?  Because they see so much on social media that is portrayed as perfect, they see these kids making millions off of reviewing toys, and they expect to have something the same day whether it be an answer to an email or a packaged to be delivered (thanks Amazon).

Those who are a part of Gen Z believe that slow is bad, hard is bad, boring is bad, risk is bad and effort is bad.  They think that things are just going to show up for them.  Things should be easy (thanks to being able to take test retakes; this blows my mind. What happened to studying and making a good grade the first time?).  I can even remember at time while we were at Disney World, one of our kids said he/she was bored…really?  How can a child be bored at Disney, when there are things to see and do everywhere you turn?  But this is their generation and to me it’s sad.  Some days, I feel like I have failed as a parent, but with the internet, parents are no longer the only person that influences them.  I wish I knew the answer; maybe everything works out in the end.  All I know is that in January, my daughter will be headed off to college and our last one will be headed off fall of 2020; we are very close to being empty nesters.  I’m just praying that I did my job as a parent…and that in about 4 years, they will all have their degrees and begin heading into the workforce to begin their life flourishing on their own.

All I know is I have to focus on what I can to see the best in everyday; to see everything with new eyes.  Restore that joy to life, be patient, understanding, and loyal.  I hope my children grow to be able to do that too.




Just a worried mom


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