Escape Rooms for 2019

So we started 2019 with and escape room and finished it with an escape room. We tried our first one in Orlando at the beginning of the year and were hooked.

Our first escape room was at The Escape Game in Orlando. We almost escaped The Heist. We had to choose the room based on my back brace as we really wanted to do Prison Break…but The Heist was more suited to me because I couldn’t bend or twist. The Escape Game is right next to Cooper’s Hawk Winery…so be sure to check that out while you’re there too! You won’t go wrong!

Next up was Situation Room in Macon Georgia where we faced Red vs Blue. We accomplished our goal here though!

Next stop Escape Artists in Warner Robins. We tried The Cabin here…it was more of a mystery than an escape…but we scheduled at the last minute and just had to roll with what was available for our large group.

We made a day trip to Savannah to try the Escape Company where we escaped the Speak Easy. It was a lot of fun. They even have a bar where you can have a drink before or after your escape room. We went on a Sunday though and sadly the bar was closed.

On the way to Miami for our Christmas cruise, we headed back to the Escape Game in Orlando and escaped Prison Break. This I think is definitely been our favorite of the year. And yes we went to Cooper’s Hawk Winery afterwards to indulge in food and wine!

Blayne was in town, and he has missed out on all the escape room fun, so before he heads back to college tomorrow, we had to hit up Situation Room for Stellar: Re-loaded. One day we will have all 4 kids in one…but Baylee has to work today.

If you haven’t tried an escape room…get out there and do it! One key, for us over 40s bring your readers so you can see!