You just have to see the greatness; it’s around every corner!

Today was a pretty normal Saturday for volleyball season. I dropped off my husband at the volleyball venue and headed out to do some hiking and explore the Atlanta area.

I headed to Vickery Creek at Roswell Mill to catch the sun rising. I took some photos along the creek, then headed to find the waterfall at the dam. I hiked around and saw the waterfall from both sides of the creek. You can get down close to the falls, but the rocks were very slippery and there was some ice, so I kept my distance and stayed on the trail. The creek was really rushing from all the rain we’ve have the last few weeks. I also got to check out the old mill ruins.

I headed to the East Palisades Trail. I had read that is was right in the middle of town…but I had no idea. It is right in the middle of a pretty affluent neighborhood and right along the Chattahoochee River. I passed quite a few people on the trail and a lot were walking their dogs. The trail was VERY MUDDY and I was VERY THANKFUL that I brought my old pair of shoes to wear just in case it was muddy. The Chattahoochee River was quite high and covered the trail at a few points and I had to forge a new path.

Someone’s kayak didn’t make it out ok. Hopefully they did though.

My poor shoes; so glad I put on an old pair! I might have cried had I made that first squishy step in the mud in my good tennis shoes!

After about 5 miles of hiking between my two stops…I was ready to check out my last destination before I headed back to the tournament to check on hubby.

The tournament was in Lilburn Georgia and there is a Hindu temple there that is absolutely stunning. BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir was just right down the road from the venue, so I stopped by on my way back. There are pretty strict rules on photography there, so make sure, out of respect, to follow them. The rules are listed on their website. No professional gear, no photos inside and there is a sign on the middle of the stairs that say no photos or video beyond that point are a few of them.


I have lived near Atlanta for about 15 years and have not even gotten close to exploring everything here. Any reason to get out and see something new and I am all about it. I had a lot of fun today, saw new places, photographed new things, got a little muddy and quite a bit of exercise. Pretty successful day in my eyes.

Get out there, quit make excuses and LIVE!