Sanity during COVID-19

For years, I wished for working from home everyday…well I got it.  For years, I wished I just didn’t have to work any longer.  But now that COVID-19 has me working from home, I can honestly say, I am ready to go back into the office. I also hope I never think I want to be a housewife again.  I miss my human interaction and conversations with my co-workers.  I miss being able to chat about things we are working on and bounce ideas around.  Calls and Instant Messages just aren’t the same and a lot is lost that way.

We are all in a place that we have never been.  Its kinda like an exploration all in its own.  Exploring yourself, taking a deep look at who you are.  I do wish I could get out and explore, but realize with the pandemic and the extreme number of cases and deaths, I need to stay home.  Right now, I was scheduled to be in California, but due to COVID-19, we had to cancel our trip.  Instead its working on puzzles, cooking new recipes, and trying to keep our sanity.

As of today, there have been over 40 deaths in Georgia due to COVID-19…with one being in central Georiga.  I didn’t know the  man, but it is hitting alittle more close to heart now that there is a name and face attached to the COVID-19 death.  Until this point, I had never really known a name or seen a person’s face that had died from COVID-19.  It seems way more personal now.  I see friends on facebook that are possibly infected and are waiting on tests to come back.  It is getting too close for comfort.  By no means am I panicking, but I honestly think the only way to end this is to make everyone stay at home.

Mental health is a huge concern too.  People who are isolating and having no human touch/interaaction are going to be affected; this can be devastating to one’s mental health.  The uncertainty, is very concerning.  I believe that everyone is going to be affected by COVID-19 whether it be physical or mental.

Just a few of my thoughts.  I hope you are all well and hanging in there!





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