I sit back and β€œlisten” to people complaining on social media about this stay at home order, schools going online, missing out on events. Now isn’t the time to be angry, irritated or mad…it’s time to look at it with some new eyes. You have been given an opportunity to spend quality time with your family. It’s perspective! You are not stuck at home, you are safe at home. If you are healthy, be thankful!

If you are a frontline worker, I appreciate everything you are doing in the fight to end COVID-19. Thank you for caring for the sick. Also a big thank you for keeping the groceries stocked, so we can provide to our families and truck drivers who get the goods from distributer to grocery stores.

I have realized that this too, is an opportunity…to put a spin on making the ordinary, extraordinary. Think about everyday, how you can make a difference in your family. Read together, do crafts, play games, or just laugh and talk. These will be the stories you tell your grandkids and great grandkids in years to come. The death toll will be there and that I believe was acted on too late here to minimize the death toll by government leaders. But as we battle COVID-19 by staying at home and helping flatten the curve, it’s time to make history, make your family’s history! Teach your children life lessons; how to cook, organize, exercise, how to be consistent. Show them your silly side, because yes, this being inside all the time is uncharted territory for me and at times I feel a little loopy. I can be crying one second seeing the death toll and laughing a few moments later over something that only seems funny to me…but tears come at all kinds of times. This is the time for your immediate family to unite and build those memories. Protect your family and stay at home except for essentials! Food and medicine!

Find a way to help, if you can. I know a lot of people are without jobs…and they are stretched thin to take care of themselves and their family. But if the ones who have jobs still don’t help, our community could never be the same. Support your local businesses. Eat local, curbside pickup or delivery only! Make sure to attend β€œvirtual” painting parties and yoga. Donate to a cause.

Check on your friends and family. Make sure they are ok. Mental health issues are on the rise. I believe it will only get worse. Reach out to make sure they know things are going to be ok…we will come out of this stronger, we just have to get out! So stay home and don’t let this beat us!

Fight it to the end!



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