Cloudland Canyon State Park

For Mother’s Day all I wanted was to get out of the house. We took off work early Friday and headed up to Chattanooga. We found a little Italian place…that was open for dine in. While although, it was very slow, my meal was comped and we got 4 rounds of drinks instead of 2. Yes we had a designated driver. So it all ended well! There is a bridge in Chattanooga that I absolutely love (Walnut Street Pedestrian Bridge). After the sun went down we took a little walk for me to take some photos.

We had a view of the river and Tennessee aquarium from our balcony, so I took advantage of some photos from there too.

Saturday morning it was up and at em to head to Cloudland Canyon. We hiked the waterfall trail. There were three waterfalls today. I had only read of two named ones, Cherokee and Hemlock) but we came across another unnamed one too!

Cherokee Falls
Hemlock Falls

There are 600 stairs to get to the bottom…and therefore 600 UP! It was very difficult, but the views were so worth it.

View from the lookout by the parking area.

After hiking at Cloudland Canyon, my legs were shaky and tired, but we decided to stop at James H β€œSloppy” Floyd state park next. We did about a 2 mile hike there to get down to see the cave with trickling waterfall.

There were quite a few people on all the trails, waterfalls, and lakes, but we kept our distance as best as we could and got in over 4 miles of hiking and fresh air. What more could I ask for?



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