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Senior Milestones during COVID-19

Due to COVID-19, prom was cancelled and graduation was delayed with very little guests being allowed to attend. We have been trying to make the girls senior year feel more like a senior year. Friday night I took some images of Isabel in her cap and gown and then some casual photos…then Monday we went to Richland Rum to capture her in her prom dress that she never even got to wear to her senior prom.

Friday we went to Amerson River Park and the dam in Juliette to take her photos. I think her photos turned out amazing! She may not have my genes, but as step mama she has my heart!

Monday we headed to Richland Rum in Richland Georgia to take her prom dress photos. Jamie at Richland Rum was phenomenal to work with and told us we were the first session of this kind to be done there. That was really exciting to know that Isabel was going to have a completely fresh ideas for her photos! Isabel really worked the camera and we got a lot of fabulous images! Beautiful facility coupled with a beautiful model and BAM!! Here she is…

I try to help our kids learn skills and how to be able to be se sufficient. Isabel and Baylee are the last to graduate high school this year…we are super proud of both of the girls. This weekend we celebrated Isabel. Next weekend Baylee is up for her celebration through photos!

Trick is…see everything with new eyes. Do something no one else does, be different, be daring, live and love life to its fullest!



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