Boho touches

It’s the time when the kids are all headed back to college, so I am taking the time to add a boho touch to all the rooms. I started with my office/craft room a few months back. This week, I deep cleaned one of the kid’s bedroom and went to Amazon to find a few boho touches. I also have a few things ordered from Ikea, but I will share those once they arrive. I have been loving the mustard color, so I decided to add a touch of that mustard yellow in this room.

I added three throw pillows and a mustard colored throw blanket with at the foot of the bed. I found these fabulous Pillow covers and this pompom throw blanket on Amazon. The pillow covers are 18×18, so you can choose 18×18 or 20×20 pillow inserts depending on how full you want your pillow to be. I decided on the 20×20 pillow insert. The sold mustard pillow cover is 12×20. This pillow cover is sold in a pack of 2. I purchased a pack of 2 12×20 pillow inserts. I will have to find a use for the second pillow and cover.

Being at home due to COVID, I have had extra time, from not having to commute. With that time I have been able to organize and clean almost my entire house a little bit at a time. I have two more bedrooms and a bathroom to do once we get the last two moved out.

Added a touch of mustard yellow to this bedroom

Come back to see the rest of my boho transformations!

This is the bed, I will share the entire room, once it is finished. I am keeping the same bedding because they will come home and I don’t want to completely over take their rooms. I’m hoping a little bit goes a long way.



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