Escape Rooms of 2020

In March, we were in Orlando’s Disney World when the pandemic hit. When the park closed, we finished our trip with some escape rooms.

The first one we did was as The Escape Game in Orlando. We completed Special Ops; we escaped with over 8 minutes to go!

While we were still in Orlando we went to Escapology; we escaped Narco with over 13 minutes to go.

In July we went on a road trip around the southeast. We went hiking, whitewater rafting and a few escape rooms.

We went to Escape in 60 in Charleston and completed Davy Jones Locker.

Baylee couldn’t go with us the first time to Escape in 60 because she was in summer semester at UNG online. She had to take a test, so we decided to go back again. At Escape in 60 in Charleston we escaped Ransom.

We really love Escape Rooms. We wanted to do a few more when Blayne was home for Thanksgiving, but we couldn’t find anything local that would fit us all. The good thing about Escape Rooms during a pandemic is that your room is only your family and the room is always sanitized between each group. It seems like a pretty good form of entertainment.

If you haven’t been to an escape room, you should check them out. They are a lot of fun. You learn a lot about your teammates during the hour you’re in there! You can check out my 2019 escape rooms too!



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