Valentine’s weekend getaway

Our Valentine’s Day weekend started out like all other volleyball weekends. After I dropped my hubby off at the venue, I headed out to explore. The weather called for rain up until 2 pm, but it was just a drizzle. I donned my rain coat and set out to see Smith Gilbert Garden in Kennesaw. Because of the rain, I left my camera in the truck and just used my phone. There were Camellias, Daffodils, Snowdrops, Darwin Barberries, Black Hellebores, and Algerian Irises blooming. According to their website, there is something that is in bloom all year round at the Garden. There are statues and art pieces throughout. I can only imagine what it looks like in spring and summer; I will definitely have to go back in the other seasons. I also bird watched for a while and observed some cute little chipmunks. The rain didn’t last very long, so it was quite enjoyable to get outside and check this garden out.

I returned to the venue to watch the rest of the tournament. The team brought home the Gold again. Three out of three gold tournament winners this year so far.

We booked a King City View Room with balcony at the iconic Hyatt Regency, Atlanta for 2 nights. I honestly was too impressed…I have other favorite spots in downtown Atlanta but they were booked up for Valentines weekend by the time I made reservations. It was nice, but for the price we paid, I would expect a lot more amenities and perks than what we received. The view from the balcony was a so-so view of downtown. I was expecting a more awe inspired view.

On Sunday, February 14th, I booked a Modern Southern Food and History Tour around Inman Park. I booked the tour through Viator using Food Tours Atlanta. We come to Atlanta quite a bit, so I wanted to see if a tour might open our eyes to a new cuisine right under our noses.

We met our tour guide Michael at One Eared Stag. Michael brought our first tasting with him from Revolution Doughnuts; it was called the Crunchy Mister, a savory ham with béchamel donut. Next up for the food was chicken wings with three sauces, spicy boiled peanuts and a cocktail at The Albert in the Park. Right around the corner we stopped at Beetle Cat Seafood for a valentines donut (this was my favorite of the day). Last, we headed down the belt line to Krog Street Market for the last three tastings. We had paani poori & pakoras from Jai Ho Indian. To close up the tastings was a cheddar apple turnover from Little Tart Bake Shop. This was a close second place for me of all the tastings. All the while, Michael was touring us, he was telling about the historic homes and places of Inman Park. We also got some history of some of the belt line while headed to Krog Street Market. The photos are in no specific order, but all are from the tour.

I also learned that there is a festival in Inman Park every April that started in the seventies. It is the largest neighborhood festival in Atlanta. I think we will have to check it out!

For dinner, I made reservations at Thrive in downtown. We have eaten here before and really enjoyed it, so we decided to check out some different dishes.

It felt as though, we ate and drank all day, but honestly, that is one of the things we enjoy most about traveling. After dinner, we headed back to the hotel for an early relaxing evening.

My husband had been contemplating trading in his truck for a more fuel efficient vehicle. Earlier in the week he finally found a car he wanted to purchase in South Carolina. When we woke up, we grabbed breakfast and headed to Greer, SC. A few hours at the dealership and then we found a quaint little place for lunch called The Bleu Porch. Then we were back on the road headed home. It was a stormy day, so no pit stops besides Dunkin and to pick up some take out for dinner!

Always something exciting to live for!



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