Live Oak Methodist Church

Yesterday I was lucky enough to head to Valdosta to see Cory & Anna Asbury and Benjamin Hastings. On the way, I set out to see a few historic rural churches of Georgia. I set out for three, but only found one. I’m a little directionally challenged…but that makes my adventures even more fun.

I stopped at Live Oak Methodist Church. According to Historic Rural Churches of Georgia website: We can find almost nothing on the history of Live Oak Methodist, located in a remote part of Turner County. There is a brief mention of it in The History of Turner County that speculates the church was a reorganization of an older church originally located about two miles away. Perhaps some more will emerge and we can add to it. The cemetery is substantial and appears to be an active one. The earliest interments are in the 1880s, which is consistent with the org date and age of the church. There are a few Confederate veterans there as well. The character of the cemetery reveals that Live Oak was once a prosperous congregation in this agricultural community.

When I visited it was in bad shape. I did not go in as the structural integrity is compromised. I walked around and took a few photos and that was still even a little dangerous, as the building was severely leaning and looked like it will collapse at any moment. I took a few of a piano through a broken window.

Here are a few of the photos I took.

As you can see, this church will soon no longer be with us. I’m so glad I was able to see it.

After I couldn’t find the others, I went on to Valdosta for the first stop on Cory Asbury’s tour. It was an exciting night of worship!

Q&A session
Benjamin Hastings
Cory, Anna and JoJo

They were all amazing and led a great night of worship. We were on our feet all night singing right along. It was a heavenly night…sounded like a room of angels.

Until my next adventures



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