Puertas de Espana – Doors of Spain

As we walked through all the quaint towns to large cities in Spain I grew a love for all the doors and openings there. They range in color and size, but not one exactly the same. They all hold so much beauty and have so much history.

A door was made simply to protect peoples living in a closed object from outer dangers and threats. From simple, primitive doors to elaborate and lavish designs, doors became an object of self representation. The very appearance suggest the social status of those living behind them.

Basic symbolism of doors is the passage between the worlds. Doors represent a border as they divide and connect two worlds. Doors divide a hostile and unsafe space from a well known cozy space.

As I looked around at doors and gates in Spain, I was just astonished by their beauty and I hope you enjoy seeing them. I have photos of doors from Madrid, Barcelona, Cordoba, Valencia, Granada, Toledo, and Sevilla.

I hope you enjoyed seeing these doors and just taking a moment to imagine what lies inside.



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