Day 29 – Update

Wake up and weigh in 204.8…and voila down 6.8 total pounds in 4 weeks.

My nutritionist changed my macros counts last week, because after my last update, I actually gained a little, but thank goodness its all back off plus more. My counts are now 1656 calories with 124 g protein, 145 g carbs, and 64 g of fat.

My baby girl turned 21 over the weekend, and I even got to indulge on a cupcake; it did fit in my macros though!

We are scheduled to be on a weekend cruise this weekend, but by the looks of it, it will probably be cancelled because of Hurricane Ira in the Gulf of Mexico. There isn’t a final decision by the port and cruise line yet, so we are just standing by. This is a big concern of mine though, to stay on all my macro counts on the cruise, so this may be a blessing in disguise to keep me on track.

While it may be a blessing in disguise to me, it is making a horrible impact on my family in Florida and the rest of the state’s residents. I am staying in continual prayer for those in the path of the storm.

I am keeping today’s post short and will post again at Day 36 for either an update and/or a Cruise report.

Until then, stay safe and count those macros!



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