Day 36 – Update

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Wake up and weigh in 204..1…and up .2 from last weigh in (last Friday) but still down 7.5 total pounds in 5 weeks. My nutritionist changed my counts today to 1573 calories, 118 grams of protein, 138 grams of carbs and 61 grams of fat.

Yesterday was my hubby’s birthday and we had cake, I did fit it in my macros, but I still feel that the sugar had something to do with the little up tick in my weight. Sugar is the devil!

If you were wondering, our cruise last weekend was completely cancelled due to Hurricane Ian in Florida. It seemed like a blessing in disguise for me, because I was really worried about staying on track eating; well not so much staying on track, just not being able to track what I eating without WiFi.

Honestly, I am feeling a little defeated today, but still pressing on! My back has been giving me horrible issues since the accident last month and having back issues already. Yesterday was especially a HORRIBLE back day. Any movement sent pain in every direction causing audible squeals all day. It was the worst pain day I have had since prior to my back surgery & recovery in 2019.

We have a trip to Denver scheduled for this month to go to Rocky Mountain National Park. We wanted to do some high altitude training just to see how serious the issues are when you get to high altitudes. I have been a Florida/Georgia Girl my entire life, so I know nothing about high altitudes. If my back doesn’t straighten up some, I might be sidelined. Don’t get me wrong, my normal pain, I believe will always be with me, I have learned to just push through that; I have had my back pain for so long, but the pain that started yesterday is what is concerning me.

One of the purposes of me losing weight was to hope that it helped my pain. I will just keep praying that the pain will reduce eventually.

This week my son is visiting before he starts his first professional job next week since graduating with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. So depending on my back, we might be able to get out and explore some.

Until my next update or adventure



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