Day 43 – Update

Since my last update, my son, Blayne came to visit and we got to go hiking, do an escape room and just hang out, all while hitting my macros everyday!

On Thursday we picked him up at the airport and since we were already in Atlanta, we hit up a few of Atlanta’s Trails. We hiked the Cascade Springs Trail and East Palisades Trail to the Bamboo Forest.

Cascade Springs Trail

Saturday, we headed to Columbus, Georgia to Exodus Escape Games to try to escape Floor 13! This room has been on our list to do for a while. We finished in 34 minutes and 4 seconds. We have the record for this room for the month and are #42 for fastest in all time for the room. It was pretty easy for us; only a few things tripped us up.

Exodus Escape Games – SUCCESS!

After the Escape Room, we headed to Downtown Augusta and the Riverwalk. There was a festival and we got to watch some kayakers performing tricks in the Chattahoochee River. After that we headed to get some dinner at The Cannon Brew Pub. I ate as clean as I could with a grilled chicken sandwich and some steamed broccoli!

Sunday it was time to head back to the Airport for Blayne to go home. Monday was a day off to reset from our weekend and then drum roll….

So this morning was weigh in morning. Weighed in at 202.8 so I was down 8.8 pounds in the past 6 weeks. My clothes are starting to fit better and my body looks as though it is transforming!

Plans are coming up really soon…so my next update will be an adventure update! Stay tuned for the beautiful Rocky Mountains!

Until my next adventures!



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