FDR State Park – Long Leaf Loop Trail

Today we headed out for a hike in the nearby F.D. Roosevelt State Park. I have been there before to hike, but never this trail. We hiked the Long Leaf Loop Trail. It’s starts and ends at the visitors center and according to All Trails it is 6.9 miles; according to my watch and All Trails App it was 7.2 miles with a 1,066 feet in elevation. It took us 3 hrs and 21 minutes of hiking time to complete this moderate trail.

All smiles at the beginning of the trail

We started a little later than we had planned, so it was a little warmer than expected…but we did it.

We stopped at about halfway point on the picnic tables at the pool and had a snack.

Most of the elevation change was from mile 5 and on…so it was definitely challenging with tired legs.

With each step going up though, I have been seriously doubting that I will be able to handle Day 2 on the Inca Trail. Day 2 on the Inca Trail, I have heard is brutal! That day alone, there we will be hiking over 4,000 ft in elevation. To say I’m scared is an understatement; I just have to keep trekking and telling myself that I have over 350 days until we go to Peru. I am hoping and praying that my weight loss continues and my endurance and stamina increase as well!

On a good note, today is not an official weigh in, but this morning I was below 200 lbs!!

Until my next update or adventure!



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