Alabama Hiking

This weekend we were going to stick close to home, but we found a cute tiny home “Yee-Haul” on AirBnB in Pell City, Alabama for a killer deal, so we decided to head to Alabama. This tiny home is located on the Goat Farm of South of Sanity Farms; the farm has goats, horses, rabbits, a pig and chickens. It was advertised to have beautiful sunsets views over their lake, so I couldn’t wait to check it out. The Yee-Haul is glamping for sure (it’s a converted U-Haul trailer), but that is all we wanted, someplace to sleep and shower, and it checked the blocks.

Sun rising over the farm

Saturday morning we headed to Cheaha State Park to check it out. The ranger recommended we hike the Chinnabee Silent Trail. It’s not in the park, but very close by. The drive the Cheaha and the trail head was beautiful! The fall colors were showing strong. We hiked the Chinnabee Silent Trail; it is a moderate out and back trail that is 8.1 miles and has 882 feet off elevation gain. We started at the parking lot for Turnip seed Campground on 281. You pass a few waterfalls on the way out and back, but I did not see any signage, so am unsure which one was what. One of them was Cheaha Waterfall. The hike takes you to Lake Chinnabee to turn around. There are bathroom facilities there. The hike on the way back to the parking lot seemed much tougher than the hike out.

After this hike, we headed back to Cheaha State Park to explore some. We checked out the Bald Rock Overlook. It was a boardwalk that was .6 miles total out and back. The fall colors were nice there as well.

We had some friends in Birmingham for the weekend, so we headed that way for dinner Saturday night. We had a nice visit and it was back to the Yee-Haul for a good nights sleep to rest our weary muscles.

Our plan was to hike Sunday as well, but the weather had other things planned. We woke up to rain and a rainy forecast, so headed home instead.

So about 9 miles for the books this weekend…


– S

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