Day 63 – Update

Ok let’s be real, the discouragement is setting in. Yesterday was Halloween and I didn’t have a single piece of candy, yes you read that right, not a single piece. We didn’t buy any, we didn’t eat any. We went to the movies last night and no snacks there either. We both had our peanut butter toast before the movie to keep us on track! Yet when I hopped on the scale this morning, there was more of a dum dum dum sound instead of voila…Up to 203!!

Two Saturdays ago, I was right under 200 and now 10 days later I am up to 203. We have been hiking longer trails. Weekend before was over 7 miles and this past weekend was over 9 miles; all while burning over 1,500 calories each hike. I have still been walking throughout the week and going to the gym for weight training. I have still been being very strict with my macros. I just don’t get it!

Today brings me to a loss…

I will keep trying, keep trekking, but what gives?

Sincerely struggling…



8 thoughts on “Day 63 – Update

  1. Wind Kisses says:

    First of all, tranquility at its finest in the photo.

    Frustrating to have a hiccup in the journey. Just. keep. on. Hiking is one of the healthiest activities out there. Keep on.

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