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Lens Artists Photo Challenge #229 Perfect Patterns

This week we are challenged to find perfect patterns. Original challenge is Here!

Patterns are all around us. They can occur in nature, architecture, textiles and others. My favorite patterns to capture are those in architecture. I marvel in the genius that it takes to design these perfect patterns and to serve a tangible purpose.

Patterns serve a great purpose creating interesting photo compositions. Ordinary objects that contain patterns can turn into extraordinary photographs.

Sidney Lanier Bridge

Bridges are an architectural wonder to me; how strong they are, but yet so beautiful! The patterns in the bridge are so perfect and beautiful to me.

Walnut Street Bridge
Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower, I am sure you agree is full of perfect patterns that draw your eye in!

Not only do you see perfect patterns in architecture, but animals with perfect patterns are beautiful subjects as well.

Perfect patterns in the sky as these fighter jets perform; they have to be perfect in order to keep the pilots and onlookers safe! The pilots skill and precision is AMAZING!

This cactus has such a perfect pattern, it looks as those each needle was placed by hand. Isn’t it amazing what our creator has done!

And to top all my favorite patterns in the world are the clouds I see out of the plane’s window as I travel to my next destination!!

These are some of my favorite perfect patterns found around us!

I hope you find some perfect patterns as well!



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