Saturday Explorations

Today I started the day at Providence Canyon State Park in Lumpkin Georgia. It is located at 8930 Canyon RoadLumpkin, GA 31815 Providence Canyon State Park I hiked the 7 mile Backcountry Trail (red blaze). The red blaze ends and you pick up on the Canyon Loop Trail (white blaze). According to Georgia State Parks…… Continue reading Saturday Explorations

Massee Lane Gardens

If you’re ever near Ft Valley Georgia, in February especially, you can not miss the Camellias in bloom at Massee Lane Gardens! I visited there yesterday and there were so many varieties. It was nice to get outside for a while too. They were also having a plant sale yesterday. Massee Lane Gardens is located…… Continue reading Massee Lane Gardens

Weekend Explorations – Dalton Georgia

It’s volleyball season, so crazy weekend schedules.  After work Friday, we headed out to Dalton.  Dalton is about 3 1/2 hours away, so too far to drive there Saturday morning. We arrived to the hotel late because traffic in Atlanta was horrendous as usual. Saturday morning, we woke up and I dropped my hubby off…… Continue reading Weekend Explorations – Dalton Georgia

Explorations in Roswell Georgia

It’s volleyball season so we’re back to crazy eventful Saturdays. We were up at 0345 to leave by 0430. When we left it was snowing a little here in Middle Georgia!! Snow is pretty much unheard of here! This was quite a surprise. We made it to Roswell to the volleyball venue by 0645 and…… Continue reading Explorations in Roswell Georgia

Christmas Trip to NYC 19-22 Dec 21

Day 1 – 19 Dec 21 We decided to take a trip to NYC because we had vouchers from a previously cancelled flight. I had always wanted to go to NYC at Christmas time. So my daughter Baylee, hubby and I decided to make the trip. A new joy of travel (insert sarcasm) that I…… Continue reading Christmas Trip to NYC 19-22 Dec 21