Kodak Scanza – uncovering memories

I was given a ton of negatives that I didn't have copies of the prints from about 15-20 years ago. I've had them for a little over a year and it was just time to do something with them. I had been looking at scanners for over a year, but bit the bullet and bought [...]

Fourth of July

Our neighborhood HOA put on a fabulous fireworks show. I wanted to go but was feeling like the fireworks would be too peopley...if that's a word. I didn't want to talk, I just wanted to photograph the fireworks. My hubby and kids didn't seem to keen on going to watch, so we watched from our [...]

DIY – Playhouse gets a makeover

Here’s the almost finished product!!  Have a few finishing touches but I am so excited to share!  My nieces are coming to visit, and what else for a Titi [tēˈtē] to do, but find them a playhouse. I searched high and low on Facebook marketplace and other online sellers, but to no avail, at least [...]

RAW vs JPEG – Photography basics

Some of you might have read the title and thought...I have no idea what she's talking about so keep moving.  Well if you've made it this far, stick around.  I promise it won't be too long.  Your camera is capable of shooting in RAW and JPEG.  Most beginners shoot JPEG, so why would you ever [...]

Day Trip to Old Car City USA

Today, we took a day trip to Old Car City USA in White, Georgia.  Old Car City was founded in 1931 as a used car dealer, turned car & parts junkyard, and lastly mother nature turned it into two ton flower pots and photographers paradise.  There are seven miles of trails with over 4,000 cars [...]