Father’s Day Dinner

So if you’ve learned anything yet about me...atleast according to my husband, I over do everything.  Cook for an army when we have 5...have to decorate over the top for a simple holiday...but that is just me.  Today was no different.  I posted about brunch but dinner was even better!  Fried gator tail (recipe was [...]

Passion Fruit (Parcha) Mojitos

I’ve had parcha mojitos and had to concoct my own recipe.  They are so delicious on a hot day.  I recommend Don Q passion fruit rum, but I wasn’t willing to run to the other side of town to get it, so I settled for Malibu passion fruit rum.  Of course they are much better [...]

A mesh of goodness

I got my hubby and Derick tickets to see Dierks Bentley tonight.  Isabel was dog sitting and Baylee was hanging out with a friend, so I crafted up a storm.  First up was trying my alcohol inks that I got from Blick’s Art Materials...I forgot to get a dropper for the alcohol...so my first one [...]

{DIY} Yarn wall hangings

So today was quite the day for me.  I received a gift card to hobby lobby and for someone like me, that was a great way to end my day.  Opened it up and headed straight to town.  Thanks again to my co-workers in the 407th for this gracious going away gift! Below are my [...]