Atlanta Explorations

We ended a week in Orlando on Friday, drove home, unpacked and packed back up for an overnight in Atlanta. It was another volleyball weekend. After walking over 30 miles in the parks throughout the week, I decided to take it easy on my Saturday explorations.

First I headed to Piedmont Park to watch the sunrise. Not really the best place to watch the sun rise, but my plan was to go to the Atlanta botanical gardens when they opened at 9:00 am.

Piedmont Park and the botanical gardens share a parking lot, so it was perfect for me.

I walked around Piedmont Park and made sure to check out the Midtown Skyline over the lake. There were ducks, geese, and squirrels that came out in droves it seemed. I also caught a heron on the shoreline and then as it flew off.

As it neared 9:00 am I moved from the first level of the parking deck to the fifth…remember the less walking the better for my tired feet. The stairs were definitely not enticing me to use them.

I bought my ticket online, so at 9:00 am I was able to scan my ticket and walk right in. The tulips, daffodils and orchids put on a show for sure. There were some other random bloomers too.

After exploring the Botanical gardens, I went to IKEA for a little shopping and dreaming of tiny house living one day. Then I headed back to the venue to get a few photos of the teams and to watch my hubby’s team bring home the gold again; fifth gold this season!

Remember I said light on the walking…well once all was said and done, I put in over 4 miles. It was at a snails pace because I was snapping photos, so I was fine, but once we got home, I crashed.

Volleyball season will be over in a month, so I am just taking advantage of all our little overnights and opportunities to get out with my camera and wander.

Until my next wanderings, stay healthy and happy.



East Palisades Trail

Saturday started like most Saturdays during volleyball season…except, with COVID-19, there are multiple volleyball waves. Normally we are up and at em early, but my hubby’s team was in the afternoon wave. We headed out about lunch time. I dropped off my hubby at the venue and headed to my hiking spot for the day.

I have visited East Palisades in Sandy Springs before but as I drove in, it looked different. The road leading in was one lane and I knew I was at a different place than the last trip here. I parked and got out to check out the trail map, to see where my Waze had brought me. I arrived and parked at EP 19 of the East Palisade Trail. When I looked at the map, I was a little overwhelmed as I’m very directionally challenged. The map does not show distances between EPs, so I snapped a photo of the map and off I went, hoping for the best. My goal was to make it to EP 26 to see the bamboo forest. My last trip to East Palisades, I never made it to the Bamboo Forest, so today it was a must visit.

I ran into quite a few people on the trail and a lot of pups too. It was about 40 degrees, but after about half a mile I was warmed up, gloves and jacket off and I pressed on. At each EP, there is a trail map, which is helpful and made the hike less daunting trying to make it to EP 26 (the farthest point). Some of the trail is right along the Chattahoochee River and others you’re just along little trickling streams.

The trail has quite a few muddy spots, so be prepared with your footwear. One the way to and from the bamboo forest, I passed EP 16 where there was some sort of remains of a building.


There was also a lookout where you could see the river from above and even some skyscrapers in Atlanta.

By the time I made it to EP 26, my Apple Watch said I had hiked 2.72 miles. I was so glad to have made it! The bamboo forest was beautiful and it was right along the river.

Bamboo Forest

I was concerned, as usual, and overthinking…so I didn’t spend too much time there, as I wanted to make sure I had plenty of daylight to make it back to the car without a hitch. On the way back, I found a different way and it was a little shorter than the path I took there. My total for the day was 4.7 miles so my return trip was only 2 miles.

I felt accomplished and was glad to have made it all the way today! Another Saturday exploration in the books!

Until the next one…keep staying safe, exploring where you can and loving life no matter what.



Wandering around Atlanta

Today was a wandering day…had to go to the airport this morning to drop off my son, so I figured since I had to take the day off, I might as well put it to good use! First I headed to Cartersville to see the abandoned airplane (G-159 Gulfstream). It is covered in graffiti inside and out. There are still seats in tact albeit mismatched seats. It has been in the elements for over 15 years and you can tell! It is absolutely fabulous though as I love to photograph things that are in decay.

This was my only intended spot to explore today, but quickly found more things nearby. After I explored the airplane, I headed to High Shoals Falls. Today, surprisingly it seemed just like a trickle, and we’ve had a decent amount of rain recently. I have seen photos where much more water is flowing over the edge.

There is a small parking area and cemetery there at the trail head. You can also hike up to the top of the waterfall.

I drove through Kennesaw Mountain on my way to Sope Creek Mill Ruins. It was a short half mile hike in. I had read that due to tree growth you couldn’t really photograph the ruins, but the way I hiked in I had no problems. The ruins were surprisingly not fenced in and were not defaced. Hopefully this beauty will be able to be enjoyed for quite a lot longer. There were quite a few families hiking in to play in the river and were already quite a few splashing around when I got there.

I headed back south after Sope Creek…the clouds were so beautiful, so I stopped at Jackson Street Bridge to get a skyline shot with the phenomenal sky! It did not disappoint.

A short day walking wise…only about 2.5 miles total, but saw quite a bit. Was a successful wandering day!

Live, Love, Explore!



Atlanta Botanical Garden

I just had to make it to Atlanta Botanical Gardens before the Alice’s Wonderland exhibits were gone…and I had to pick my daughter up at the airport, so I killed two birds with one stone.  Jeanne and I made the trip to Atlanta Sunday to take it all in.  Atlanta Botanical Gardens is located at 1234 Piedmont Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30309

Atlanta Botanical Gardens includes 30 acres of outdoor gardens in the middle of Midtown Atlanta.  The Botanical Gardens opened their doors in 1976 and has been ever evolving since.  The gardens mission is to develop and maintain plant collections for the purpose of display, education, conservation, research and enjoyment.  For anyone that knows me, knows I get thorough enjoyment out of flowers and plants…maybe because I grew up with a horticulturalist as a dad, being a part of the Ornamental Horticulture team in FFA or just because they are so beautiful; either way, I truly enjoy the beauty in it all.

You can follow Alice down the rabbit hole until October 27th in this beautiful exhibit, Imaginary Worlds: Alice’s Wonderland.

The exhibits you will see are 1. Pegasus, 2. Mammoth, 3. Earth Goddess, 4. Phoenix, 5. Mermaid, 6. Dragon, 7. Camels, 8. White Rabbit, 9. Chessboard, 10. Alice & Cheshire Cat and 11. Shaggy Dog.

There are also the Scarecrows in the Garden right now!  This exhibit ends November 3rd. I took photos of my favorite scarecrows.

After the gardens, we headed to Krog Street Market and then to Jackson Street bridge for some long exposure shots on the bridge.