A mesh of goodness

I got my hubby and Derick tickets to see Dierks Bentley tonight.  Isabel was dog sitting and Baylee was hanging out with a friend, so I crafted up a storm.  First up was trying my alcohol inks that I got from Blick’s Art Materials…I forgot to get a dropper for the alcohol…so my first one was a little of a dud…but just wait until it dries.

After I worked with the alcohol ink and was waiting for everything to dry, I worked on a new wall hanging.  While I was on the back porch working, there was a raccoon stealing seed from my bird feeder!  The racoon climbed the tree to get to the seeds.  I have never saw such a thing.  Took a photo with my phone, but it is not share worthy!  Just trust me that it was a great sight.  I need to keep my camera with zoom on me at all times while on the porch.
Finished the wall hanging and headed upstairs to put together a Fourth of July outfit for my nieces. Found these shorts for $2 and this white blank top for $1.50 at my local Bargain Hunt.  If you have one nearby you MUST check it out!  It will change your world.  There are some deep deep discounts.  Most of my yarn for my wall hangings has come from there at $2 a ball.  Had some vinyl left over from another project and threw together this cute little design.  Have one cut for my other neice too, but need a onesie the right size!  I’ll add her onesie later on!
So I wasn’t happy with my alcohol ink art, so what else to do with a so-so painting…add a cutesy saying in vinyl!  So designed this and added it on.  Used reverse weeding my first time on the smaller letters (after I ruined one of them, because the thin letters kept escaping me) and that technique blew my mind! I might do a tutorial on that later if there is any interest. It is super simple

All for now!


{DIY} Wall hanging part 2

Tonight I tried a more natural element.  I took the clippers and went and trimmed a limb that was down in the back yard.

I cut sixty 60-inch pieces of yarn.  I doubled them then knoted them on the branch as shown below until all were on the branch.
Once they were knotted, then I taped off the bottom to keep it somewhat straight.  You can cut a V, an angle, straight or however you see fit.  
Once I had it trimmed, I cut a long piece for my hanger.  I knotted, wrapped and then slip knotted each side to make the hanger…couldn’t keep everything tight and take a photo at the same time.  If anyone is interested I can do a video tutorial.  
I found a spot to hang and voila! A $3 boho wall hanging!  

{DIY} Wall hanging

So who has seen all those beautiful wall hangings that have been macramed and twisted and braided…well I love them just like the rest of the you…but I found a way to make a very inexpensive simple wall hanger.  I bought 4 rolls of yarn and 1 package of dowel rods:  each wall hanging only used about 1/2 of the ball of yarn and one dowel rod-so a little of $1 each!  It’s amazing you can DIY these things and bring in so many natural elements to your home and desk.

I measured 24 pieces of 36 in yarn.  I put two together and wrapped around dowel like in the photo.  I also did a video of how to do step by step.  Then the hanger should be cut at 72 inches-video shows how to wrap the yarn around to make it a hanger.  Having a problem with the video uploading so I will try to do some better photos tonight.